The Future Proofing App is designed to collect data as part of the Future Proofing Study. The app was made by mental health researchers at the Black Dog Institute. You have this app because you have agreed to be (or are considering becoming) a participant in the Future Proofing Study.


From time to time, the app will ask you to complete a set of tasks. The app collects any responses you provide to these tasks, even if you don’t finish them. This includes how you rate your mood, samples of your voice, how quickly you can type some text, and how well you did on two brain training games. When you are doing the typing task, we also collect movement data from the accelerometer sensor that is part of your smartphone.

If, and only if, you have opted-in, then the app also collects continuous information using your phone’s sensors. This ‘background sensing’ happens automatically while you use and carry your phone. The sensors we use report information about your location (GPS) and movement (accelerometery and gyroscope). You can check whether background sensing is turned on in the app settings.

We also collect a) information about how you use the different features of the app, in what order, and for how long and b) details of any crashes that the app experiences. These are used to help us improve the app.

All the information we collect from the tasks, background sensing and your usage of the app is stored securely on Google servers that are in Australia. Access to the information is strictly controlled. Only certain researchers who are part of the Future Proofing Study team can see your responses. For your privacy, all the information we store about you is recorded against a number so that no one knows this information is about you, even researchers on our team. We will not share your information with anyone else.

Information about any crashes is collected and stored by Google Crashlytics, a third party service. Crash data is uploaded and stored securely on Google Servers which may be located outside Australia.Crash data will only be used to identify and address problems with the app. We will not share this information with anyone else.

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